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Stadium Fence

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Usage: sports fence can be applied to a variety of volleyball, tennis, football and other places, meet the needs of schools, enterprises, institutions and fitness facilities, its neat appearance, impact resistance and flexibility, residential building group stadium need isolation.
Sports fence Specifications:
1, plastic coated wire diameter: 3.8MM
2, mesh: 50MM * 50MM?
3, Size: 3000MM X 4000 MM
4, column: diameter 60 / 2.5MM steel
5, the horizontal column: diameter 48 / 2MM steel welding
6, Connection: Card access
7, anti-corrosion treatment: Dip
Stadium fence product features are as follows: Sports fence with a network of bright colors, anti-aging ability, and good corrosion resistance, complete specifications, flat surface, strong tension, less susceptible to physical shock deformation. Site construction and installation, sports fence biggest feature is the flexibility, you can always adjust the shape and size according to site requirements.
Field fence, fence scope of application: the site is suitable for high-end residential fence, garden villas, private pool, garden lawns, urban landscape, municipal transportation, sports venues, airports terminals, offices and schools, military facilities, prison farms, industrial parks , tourism resorts, logistics and distribution centers, enterprises and other fields.

Stadium Fence Stadium Fence
Stadium Fence Stadium Fence
Stadium Fence Stadium Fence
Stadium Fence Stadium Fence
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